Positive relationships are essential to developing good mental health and wellbeing.


That's why all my services are underpinned by connection and compassion.

Life can be really hard sometimes, and when your child is experiencing difficult emotions and behaviour, it is okay to ask for help.

I am passionate about creating environments where children and families can thrive.

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My Story

Imperfect mum of 2, wife, black coffee drinker, lover of crafts, upholder of social justice and with lived experience of trauma and mental health difficulties

After they got married, my parents moved to Australia in search of a better life. But with little formal education, they found it hard to create the life they wanted for their family.

Although they had few opportunities themselves, my parents wanted more for me and my brother. So, they did everything in their power to give us the best education they could.

I was able to go to one of the best secondary schools in Melbourne, where my aspirations were nurtured and I got the help I needed to succeed. This enabled me to be accepted to study psychology at university.

I chose to support parents to overcome the barriers that hold their children back from the future they want and deserve because of my own upbringing.

I want all children to have the support they need to succeed in whatever they choose to do in life.


“Out of your vulnerabilities will come your strength”

Sigmund Freud

My beliefs and values

​I believe that...

  • Everybody is doing the best they can with the difficulties they face at the time

  • Everyone, even those in adverse situations, have the capacity to change

  • People have an innate desire to connect with others

  • People must be actively involved in their own change process

  • Affirmation and appreciation of strengths is the key to supporting change.

  • Recognition and empathy for what people are managing builds trust.

My values are...




What is important to me...

  • I believe in supporting local community businesses.

  • I give back to the community by offering low cost training events for parents, teachers and professionals

  • I support the mental health charity MIND

  • I support the climate action charity Offset Earth

About psychologists

Psychologists are regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council and are bound by a code of practice. Everyone using the title 'Psychologist' must be registered with the HCPC. If you have any concerns about a psychologist you can contact the HCPC directly by clicking here


Chartered psychologists work in accordance with the British Psychological Society Code of Ethics and Conduct for Chartered Psychologists; the principles include:

  • Respect –  for the dignity and worth of all persons, confidentiality, the right of clients to informed consent and self determination

  • Competence – in professional skills and a commitment to professional development

  • Responsibility – for the welfare of clients and high standards of professional and personal conduct

  • Integrity – honesty, accuracy, clarity and fairness

What does this mean for you?

As both a HCPC registered and Chartered Psychologist, you can trust that I have trained to the high standards expected of my profession.

I continue to update my training and access supervision so that I can give you the best possible support for the difficulties you are facing.


Dr Alice Brown

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